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That’s the study I profile in my three-minute video Gerson-style Therapy vs. You can read the study for yourself here (you’ll note that I always list links to all of the papers I cover in my videos in the “Sources Cited” section beneath each video).How do you prevent pancreatic cancer in the first place? Dietary strategies associated with prolonged cancer survival can be found in my videos: I’ve got dozens of other videos on alternative medicine in which I do my best to relay the balance of evidence. PS: If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to my videos for free by clicking here, and watch my full 2012 – 2015 presentations: Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death; More than an Apple a Day; From Table to Able; and Food as Medicine.According to a recent review out of Sloan-Kettering in the journal , for about ,000, you can fly to a clinic in Mexico, and spend three weeks “consuming fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices” and “eliminating salt from the diet.” Sounds pretty benign. To their credit, modern Gerson practitioners have moved away from the original tenets of the plan—which included feeding people raw calf liver smoothies—after too many people died from systemic blood infections.Patients are also given a number of supplements, including pancreatic enzymes, as well as coffee enemas to “stimulate metabolism.” I do not deny that coffee enemas would be stimulating, but I don’t recommend them, given the case reports I note in my two-minute video, Gerson Therapy For Cancer—in which they’ve killed people. (These infections were from the same fecal bacteria in chicken that I cover in my video Poultry and Paralysis.) After learning of the outbreak, staff at the Gerson Institute decided that the policy of drinking blended liver was to be altered, and they apparently started injecting raw liver instead.But the most important thing is to get tested, no matter which test you choose.Starting at age 50, men and women at average risk for developing colorectal cancer should use one of the screening tests below: ** Highly sensitive versions of these tests should be used with the take-home multiple sample method.

Christie Exall – Amber Valley This Woollynecked Stork came to visit Tingy, the Siamese cat, in Amber Valley. On Monday, he came back with what looks like his mate. Gymnogene, Olive Thrust, Bronze Mannikins, Bulbuls, Drongo, Redthroated Wryneck, Weavers including Spectacled – amongst other common garden birds. We saw a flock of birds, very high overhead which sounded like swallows.

It is not for me to judge what people do for kicks.

I mean, however many fully consenting adults are involved, hey, whatever.

Having polyps found and removed keeps some people from getting colorectal cancer.

You are encouraged to have tests that have the best chance of finding both polyps and cancer if these tests are available to you and you are willing to have them.

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Spouses of these populations and people living with HIV, migrant workers and prisoners are also more vulnerable to HIV than others.3 Thailand’s declining epidemic is the result of successful HIV prevention programmes.

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A dedicated practice of architects, planning consultants and building surveyors.